Acacia Security’s mission is to bring together three key stakeholder communities to improve the security and resilience of energy delivery systems, otherwise known as industrial control systems (ICS) or operational technology (OT):

Energy Sector Owners & Operators:

The end users; those responsible for procuring, installing, operating, maintaining and securing the operational systems that produce and deliver energy.

Industrial Control System Vendors:

The companies that research, design, develop, deliver and maintain the technology relied upon by owners and operators.

Cybersecurity Service Providers:

The companies that design and deliver technology and services to secure the Energy Sector Owners and Operators’ business networks (IT).

The Acacia Security approach is comprehensive, focusing on the human, technology, policy, and cultural elements to accomplish its mission. Whether you are an owner/operator, ICS vendor, or cybersecurity company, Acacia Security offers several ways to help you meet your goals and improve the security of energy sector ICS:

Adviser or Board Member:

Perhaps your technology is mature, but you want to better understand the energy sector. Acacia Security can help guide you in the right direction.

Strategic Consulting:

If you need more hands on assistance, Acacia Security can help you prepare white papers or use cases tailored to the energy sector and/or the ICS community.

Targeted Sales Guidance:

Maybe your technology is ready to go and you just need help finding the right energy company to pilot your solution and provide feedback.