Learn how we bring together three stakeholder communities to improve the security and resilience of energy delivery systems.

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Mike has worked with U.S. Government and private sector security professionals, both physical and cyber security focused, for 32 years.

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Whether you are an owner/operator, ICS vendor, or cybersecurity company, Acacia Security offers several ways to help you meet your goals.

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Why the Acacia?

Acacia Security’s goal is to help your company make ICS cybersecurity part of its DNA.

The acacia tree has a long history of security, resilience and information sharing. Smoke from acacia bark is thought to fend off demons and ghosts. Nineteen different species of Acacia in the Americas are capable of producing hydrogen cyanide in their leaves to protect themselves from threats. Many acacias produce alkaloid chemicals as defensive compounds to deter insects and mammalian herbivores.

The African acacias, well-protected though they may be by their thorns, use distasteful chemicals in their leaves as a second line of defense. In fact, they warn one another that they are doing so. At the same time as they fill their leaves with poison, they release ethylene gas which drifts out of the pores of their leaves. Other acacias within fifty yards are able to detect this and as soon as they do so, they themselves begin to manufacture poison and distribute it to their leaves.